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Over the centuries thousands of pilgrims have made the Way to Santiago. The present times are different than those when the Way first began. The same occurs with the motivations, but in the end the purpose remains the same, to visit the Apostolic Tomb of Saint James the Greater, disciple of Jesus Christ the Lord.

Beneath the altar, in a silver urn in the Tomb of the Apostle Saint James are where lie his remains, alongside those of his disciples Saint Athanasius and Saint Theodore. It is the ideal place to say a private prayer before one of the preferred Apostles of the Lord, as well as a place to meditate regarding the best way to follow Jesus Christ.

Via the website you can take a virtual visit to the Tomb and the Cathedral. The Apostle Saint James is one of the three Apostles that made up the group closest to Jesus. His disciples in searching for a place to give him an honourable burial brought his body to where today is known as Santiago de Compostela.

It is where in medieval times the cathedral that stands today was built. For more information regarding the Cathedral please visit The Pilgrims’ Mass is usually held at 12 noon in the Cathedral. During Holy Years there may be more than one Pilgrims’ Mass each day.

The Pilgrims’ Mass is well attended and pilgrims who wish a seat should arrive early. Priests who wish to concelebrate at the Pilgrims’ Mass should go to the sacristy at 11.45 am. At the beginning of the Mass a list is read out of the number of pilgrims who have been received in the Pilgrims’ Office in the last 24 hours, where they come from and where they started their pilgrimage.


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